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                           About Us

 Hello, my name is Donato Mongelli and I have been custom woodworking for over 35 years. I'm very passionate about fishing, hunting, and woodworking. Because of being unhappy with many of the mass produced lures, and even some of the custom stuff that was for sale, many years ago I started making lures for myself and friends. A few years ago I started selling them to the public. My passion and obsession for fishing, hunting and woodworking has let me offer the best custom lures around. Thank you and safe fishing and hunting in 2010


           Background and General Info on             Muskie and Muskie Lures

I have been making lures ever since I turned on my first lathe in 7th grade shop class.  Since then, I have tried many styles, shapes, and countless lip designs and sizes.  I found a few shapes that I'm very proud of. I'm sure that you will love my lures a much as I do, and will catch many trophy muskie. 

Predator fish species like muskie and pike locate their prey by

using their sense of sight and by vibration.


The muskie or pike visually locates its meal by seeing the contrast 

of a dark silhouette on a light background or light silhouette 

against a dark one. These fish get agitated by the vibrations 

produced by erratic swimming or injured prey.

Fish see color much differently than we do. They also see 

ultraviolet colors that we can't see. What we see above the water 

is entirely different from what a fish see below. For example 

the color red turns to black very quickly under water, even in 

clear water. That's why it's so important to have an array of 

different paint jobs so you will be successful in all light and water 


Donatos lure designs and paint jobs mimics a prey fish and  

turns on a predator fish's natural instinct to strike.